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What type of rollers does your garage door have? There might be a better option...

These rollers have seen better days, that's for sure. Many people don't realize the differences in the roller types and sizes. Short stem, long stem. 2" or 3". ? How many bearings do your rollers have? 10 bearings, 11 bearings? None? Are your rollers steel or nylon? Do your rollers get wet and need the bearings to be sealed? (Common with car wash doors) Believe it or not all of these factors play into how your garage door functions. A lot of inexpensive garage doors will come with plastic rollers that do not include bearings. These rollers tend to wear out faster and can be louder than the other roller options out there. And then there are steel rollers like the one below. Steel rollers include ball bearings, however they tend to be a bit louder also when they roll in the garage door tracks, due to the metal on metal friction. And then their are nylon rollers. Nylon rollers seem to be the best option when it comes to functionality and quietness of your garage door. Nylon rollers typically include 10 or 11 ball bearings. Due to the nylon material of the actual roller running in a steel track, they run smoother and quieter than the other roller options. By lubricating the ball bearings in your nylon rollers you can keep your garage door rolling smoothly for years to come.

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