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garage door spring replacement


Garage door springs are dangerous due to the extreme tension necessary to lift the garage door. On average there are more than 300 garage door spring injuries reported in the U.S. every year. We do not suggest trying to DIY (Do it yourself) a garage door spring replacement. Our technicians are trained to make sure all garage door springs are the proper size for the door and that the torsion springs are installed properly. Most new garage doors come with a stock spring of 10,000 cycles (a cycle is one up and one down). Our team can provide you with 10,000 cycle stock springs or we can get you high cycle springs that will last longer, sometimes up to 70,000 cycles. Contact us to schedule your garage door spring replacement.

Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster

Many garage doors in our area are Wayne Dalton garage doors and have the Torque Master spring system. In this system, there are small 3/4" springs inside a metal tube. Eventually these springs break inside the tube, typically causing your door to not open or make your garage door opener struggle to pull your garage door up. This can cause abnormal wear on your operator and potentially damage your garage door. We can help... Our technicians can perform what is called a "Torsion Conversion". We remove the Torque Master spring system and replace it with a standard torsion spring system. That way, next time a spring breaks it is an easy spring change and you are back up and operating. 

Wayne Dalton Torquemaster

Extension Springs

In our opinion, extension springs are the worst spring system available throughout the garage door industry.  Extension springs are dangerous when the door is down and the springs are loaded, especially if there are no safety cables installed. With extension springs installed, each side of your garage door works independently, which often causes the door to run poorly. This is another spring system that we would prefer to convert to a standard torsion spring system whenever possible. 

Extension springs

Clopay/Ideal EZ-Set Torsion

Clopay/Ideal garage door has designed a garage door spring system for the DIY person that is safer than the traditional torsion spring system and requires no winding with rods. The installer can safely and easily wind the spring/s with a drill.  The problem with this system is that the drums are smaller than the standard size and a smaller spring is typically used and over wound to get the necessary tension for the garage door to properly balance. This decreases the cycle life of the spring and typically causes it to break pre-maturely. We convert this system to a standard torsion spring system to give our customers the maximum cycle life for their garage door springs.

Clopay EZ Set Torsion
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