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garage door installation


DIY projects can be rewarding, but garage door installation demands professional skill for optimal safety and performance. Every detail, from level doors to properly tensioned springs, is crucial. Avoid the risks of incorrect setup with our expert team. Specializing in both residential and commercial installations, we handle all major brands with precision. Choose our high-quality Haas or C.H.I. doors, or any brand you prefer, for a guaranteed flawless installation.

garage door installation
garage door installation


Some things are best left to the professionals...


There are many home improvement jobs that can save you money by DIYing them. (do it yourself) We do not recommend including installing your garage door into that list of DIY projects and neither will Google. There is often a bit more to installing a garage door than simply reading the instruction manual and watching some YouTube videos. For instance, doors have to be set level, have proper hinge placement and springs have to be tensioned properly along with many other aspects to insure proper installation.  Without all those set in place, your door will not run properly or safely and can cause damage down the road. The same goes with your garage door opener. A garage door opener is one of the most commonly installed parts of your garage door that a homeowner will DIY.  We always recommend contacting a garage door professional for all your garage door needs.


Not everyone is a Do-It-Yourselfer. Some people prefer to pay the professionals. Our trained garage door installers have installed hundreds of residential and commercial garage doors. We have experience installing every brand of sectional garage door currently on the market. We can supply one of our high quality Haas or C.H.I. garage doors and install it, or we will install your supplied garage door of choice. Our garage door installers are professionals that get the job done right the first time.

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