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How important is my home's curb appeal? Very... How do garage doors make a difference?

Curb appeal is something that many homeowners may not think a lot about. Not until it's time to sell that is. Statistics have shown that the ROI (Return on investment) of a new garage door can be up to 103 percent. This means if you replace your old, boring garage door with a door that has a higher R-value and increased curb appeal, you could get every penny back plus some when it's time to sell. Think about it. What is typically the first thing you see when you pull into your driveway? That's right, your garage door (or doors). Replacing your old beat up garage doors with a more modern garage door (maybe add some windows?) often adds a huge amount of curb appeal to your home. Add to your homes curb appeal by replacing your old garage door with one of our Haas or C.H.I. garage doors and make people say "WOW" when they go by your home. You won't regret it.

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